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Created: Sun, Jan 10, 2021 9:45 PM
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A one-way list for list owners of Mailman 3 Affinity.

This is a one-way list for List Owners who are using Affinity to manage their Mailman 3 list.

This list will be used to notify List Owners of new features that have been added to Affinity. Updates on bug reports and fixes are another important piece of information that List Owners should know about. Finally, links to new and current how-to articles located at will be brought to the attention of List Owners via this list.

We only added List Owners to this list that are a registered user of Affinity. If you have other List Owners that help manage your Mailman 3 lists, and you want them to benefit from this informational mailing list, then please instruct them to subscribe by sending an email to or visit

To subscribe to this list, send email to , or use form below.